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We work with artists, labels, and brands from around the world to expand their audience across Mainland China. You might be wondering: how do we do this?

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March 10th Update: Hi Five CEO Maggie Zhou Featured as Oricon Cover Story

China's youth culture is rapidly expanding, highly dynamic, and quite different from Western culture. You may be familiar with some of these differences. But the importance of having a deep understanding of these cultural factors is crucial to our business.That's where Hi Five comes in.

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Trends & Changes

China's youth culture is constantly changing. We're on top of all of the changes and are well positioned to help you understand how your music or brand fit into China.

Platform Management & Relationships

We have extensive relationships all across China's music and technology landscapes. We're proud to use these connections to help our partners from around the world, from Taiwan to New York City.

Copyright & IP Management

Managing the legal side of your creative work in China can quickly turn into tricky business. We are experts at handling every last detail, to make sure you receive everything that you've earned.

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